FAQs Related To DVLA

What Is DVLA?

DVLA is an authority of the UK government that deals with taxation of a new vehicle, registration, and issuing a driving license. The authority works on office hours and has set procedures for every service they provide.

How Can I Apply For Registration?

You just have to give them a call, on the respective department, and they will tell you the procedure along with the letter you have to attach.


If I Purchase Services From Other Companies, Do They Provide Any Discount?

DVLA doesn’t offer special services to any particular citizen or business. There rules are same for once and all. If you’re applying through any middle company or man, they will charge you the same or more as the DVLA, usually more, because they have to cut the commission. These companies have their own record set of vehicle numbers ready to dispatch, and real time data, according to the customers. If your company has desired number, that you want, make sure they don’t charge you more. DVLA charges also include VAT, so just be careful.

If I Am Having A Disability?

You can apply for the license, by going through the same procedure, but mention in the form that you have a disability. DVLA will process the application for 3 years period. They will also check the vehicle you’re going to drive has something special attached to meet your requirements. For more help, contact the concerned department.


My License Is Lost, Stolen Or Damaged?

You just have to go through the procedure as directed by them through the helpline number. Call them and complain them that you have lost the license. If you license is issued outside England, Whales and Scotland, then you may not be able to use the service. You can also create a check code, but it will be valid only till 21 days. Call the helpline number for the disqualification and points on certain vehicle, and all the whereabouts.

How To Do Registration?

Doing registration is easy. Just call the helpline number, ask the procedure, fill the required form, and pay the charges. You can pay the charges according to your convenience.

DVLA is ready to help you at any point of the procedure, just call them on their respective call numbers according the departments and you’re ready to go. The procedures are very easy and don’t require much time. You can hold up registration by having a certificate, issue a license, and taxation, basically, it is one stop for every vehicle and licensing requirements. I hope you will be able to get your work done.

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